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Reginald Arnold

"A Memorial Service was held in St Albans Church on Saturday, for Mr Reginald James Arnold (62) of 72 Newport Road, Ventnor, a senior driver in the County school meals and childrens bus service, whose death at the County Hospital was recorded last week. Most of the local schools were represented. Cremation took place, the day previous with the Rev P Gates officiating. Mourners were Mrs Arnold (widow) Mr & Mrs R, Mr & Mrs Doug and Mr & Mrs Dennis Arnold (sons and daughters-in-law), Capt W Arnold and Mr A Arnold (brothers) and Mr S Allen (brother-in-law). The County Education Department, Meals Service, Youth Service, Schools, the General and Municipal Workers Union, Crinages Garage and Ventnor FC were represented and all Mr Arnolds fellow drivers were there. The ashes are to be scattered in the football field and those people not sending flowers were invited to contribute to the National Playing Fields Association. Blakes made the arrangements."

from The Isle of Wight Mercury: Mar 1970