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Leaving South Africa for England, after 15th November 1922, on board the TSS Themistocles, Reginald Francis King and family had Christmas Dinner with the Captain. The Menu claimed that the TSS Themistocles was 11, 400 tons and part of The Aberdeen Line, the managers being Geo (George?) Thompson & Co Ltd, of 7 Billiter (?) Square, London EC3. It contained space for autographs and came with the compliments of Commander W M Jermyn and Officers.

Christmas Day 1922 - Dinner

Potage a la Sydney
Boiled Turbot, Dutch Sauce
Jugged Hare, Red Currant Jelly
Roast Sirloin of Beef, Yorkshire Pudding
Roast Duck, Savoury Cabbage
Baked and Boiled Potatoes
Christmas Pudding, Jamaica Sauce
Strawberry Jelly
Mince Pies
Ice Cream

from TSS Themistocles Menu: Christmas 1922