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John & Lucy


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They had the following children:

i. Mildred Louisa GREENHAM was born in 1874 in Wootton Bridge. She died in 1887.

ii. Florence Emma GREENHAM was born in 1875 in Wootton Bridge. She died in 1949. In 1901 Florence GREENHAM was a General Domestic Servant in Ryde.

iii. Netty Frances GREENHAM was born in 1877 in Wootton Bridge. She died in 1931 in Ryde. She was buried in 1931 in Ventnor. Netty married Henry 'Harry' WESTMORE son of Henry WESTMORE and Elizabeth HAYLES in 1901 in Newport. Henry was born in 1876 in Newport. He died in 1938 in Newport. He was buried in 1938 in Ventnor. In 1901, prior to being married, they both lived at Henry's parents house at 9 West Street, Newport. Nettie was a Domestic Housemaid. Henry was a Carter.

iv. Austin William GREENHAM was born in 1879 in Wootton Bridge. He died in 1945.

v. Alberta Rose 'Rose' GREENHAM was born in 1880 in Wootton Bridge. Rose married Victor G A LACEY in 1914 in Wootton. Rose had boy called Bertie in 1900 when she was unmarried. Her husband Vic was a signalman with British Rail at Ryde. Their daughter Phyllis lived in Bembridge and had two children.

vi. Albert Edward GREENHAM was born in 1881 in Wootton Bridge. He died in 1882 in Wootton Bridge.

vii. Amy Beatrice GREENHAM was born in 1883 in Wootton Bridge.

viii. Kathleen Annie 'Kitty' GREENHAM was born in 1884 in Wootton Bridge. Kathleen married Walter Saunder COLEMAN son of George Henry COLEMAN in 1909 in Shanklin. Walter was born in 1883, a Fishmonger of Languard Road, Shanklin. Kitty had been living in Clarence Road, Shanklin at the time of her marriage.

ix. John GREENHAM was born in 1886 in Wootton Bridge. He died in 1886 in Wootton Bridge.

x. Ada Mary GREENHAM was born in 1888 in Wootton Bridge. Ada married Charles A SEARLE in 1914 in Wootton. They lived in Whitwell.

xi. Arthur John GREENHAM was born in 1890. He died in 1915 in Gallipoli. He was buried in Pieta Military Cemetery in Malta. He was a Rifleman in the Isle of Wight Rifles, 8th Battalion, Hampshire Regiment. He is also commemorated at St Edmund's Church, Carisbrooke Castle, and the Territorial Drill Hall at Newport.

John GREENHAM was born in 1852 in Blackwater. He died in 1930 in Wootton Bridge. John married Lucy HOLLIER, of 'Primers' (?), daughter of James HOLLIER and Elizabeth JONES in 1874 in Whippingham. Lucy was born in 1854 in Whippingham. She died in 1933 in Wootton Bridge.

In 1877 John's parents 'Frank'* GREENHAM (or GRINHAM) and Frances NIBLETT lived at Palmer's Farm, Whippingham. John's daughter Nettie Frances was born in the year that Frances died, so she was named after her grandmother.

John was believed to have worked at Osborne House as a gardener, but I have no proof, as yet. Also, there is a story that John GREENHAM was given the job of picking mushrooms especially for Edward VII's breakfast.

In 1881 John and Lucy were living in Wootton Bridge, John being a General Labourer. John's father Francis* GREENHAM, a Shepherd, was lodging next door with Martha HEATH and her family. Also in 1881 Lucy's mother Elizabeth HOLLIER, born Calbourne, an Annuitant, was living at Six Cottages, Whippingham with her unmarried son James, an Agricultural Labourer.

In 1891 they were living in Wootton Bridge, near 'The Lane'. John is a General Labourer, and grandad 'Frank'* GREENHAM is also resident in the house, at the age of 80 years old. 7 children were at home: Florence, Nettie, Austin, Alberta, Amy, Ada and Arthur. Alberta and Amy were at school.

In 1901 they were living at The Terrace, High Street (?) Wootton Bridge. John is still a General Labourer, and Martha HEATH is still next door. 5 children are still at home: Austin, Ada, Amy, Kathleen and Arthur. Austin is a Postman, the other children are all 'working at home'.

In 1915 John and Lucy were of 2, Myrtle Cottages, High Street, Wootton Bridge.

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