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Henry & Elizabeth


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They had the following children:

i. Anne 'Annie' WESTMORE was born in 1875 in Newport, possibly as HAYLES. Anne married George RYALL son of John RYALL and Mary Ann SIBBICK (?) in 1904 in Newport. George was born in 1872 in Godshill. He was christened in 1872 in Sandford. In 1901 Annie, unmarried, lived at Ravenswood, Carisbrooke Road, Newport as a Domestic Housemaid. In 1903 she lived at Waterloo House, High Street, Newport, in 1904 she lived at 9 West Street, Newport, in 1906 she lived at 27 South Hall, Newport, and in 1907 she lived at St Johns, Carisbrooke.

ii. Henry 'Harry' WESTMORE was born in 1876 in Newport. He died in 1938 in Newport. He was buried in 1938 in Ventnor. Henry married Netty Frances GREENHAM daughter of John GREENHAM and Lucy HOLLIER in 1901 in Newport. Netty was born in 1877 in Wootton Bridge. She died in 1931 in Ryde. She was buried in 1931 in Ventnor. In 1901 Henry, unmarried, a Carter on a farm, and was living at home at 9 West Street, Newport. Interestingly enough, in 1901 his prospective wife, Netty, was also resident at 9 West Street, as a visitor. Later in 1901 Henry and Netty lived at Winchcombe, Carisbrooke, in 1903 at High House, Gatcombe, in 1909 in Roud, in 1914 at Luccombe Farm Cottages, and finally they lived at 2 St Mary's Cottages, Upper Ventnor.

iii. William WESTMORE was born in 1877 in Newport. William married Mary Ann Eliza Annie YEATES. Annie was born in 1880 in Southampton. In 1901 William was a Plasterers Labourer, living at 8 Marine Parade, St Mary, Southampton.

iv. Frank WESTMORE was born in 1880 in Newport. Frank married Emily DUNSTAN in 1911 in Newport. In 1901 Frank was a boarder at 33 South Street, Newport, unmarried and a Navvy.

v. Caroline WESTMORE was born in 1881 in Newport. She died in 1881 in Newport. She was buried in 1881 in Newport.

vi. Ellen 'Nellie' WESTMORE was born in 1884 in Newport. Ellen married Albert E STEWARD in 1914 in Newport. In 1901 Ellen was living at 1 Lukely Terrace, Lugley Street, Newport, a domestic servant, and unmarried.

vii. Emma 'Em' WESTMORE was born in 1886 in Newport. Emma married William J A GRIMES in 1908 in Newport. In 1901 Emma was living at home at 9 West Street, Newport, a Printers Assistant, and unmarried.

viii. James WESTMORE was born in 1889 in Carisbrooke. James married Beatrice M WOODS in 1912 in Newport.

ix. Alice WESTMORE was born in 1890 in Newport. She was buried in 1891 in Newport.

x. Kate 'Kitty' WESTMORE was born in 1892 in Newport. She was buried in 1915 in Carisbrooke.

xi. Minnie WESTMORE was born in 1894 in Newport. Minnie married Frank E GREGORY in 1919 in Newport.

Henry WESTMORE was born in 1847 in Arreton. He was buried in 1913 in Carisbrooke. Henry married Elizabeth HAYLES daughter of Joseph HAYLES and Frances PAUL in 1874 in Newport. Elizabeth was born in 1853 in Newport. She was buried in 1937 in Newport.

In 1876 they lived at 26 Pyle Street, Newport

In 1881 Henry and Elizabeth were living in Chain Lane, Newport. Henry was a Labourer at the Cement Mill*. 4 Children were at home: Anne, Henry, William and Frank. Anne and Henry were at school. Also in 1881, Elizabeths father Joseph HAYLES, a groom, was living in Pyle Street, Newport with his new wife Emma Sarah ADAMS and four children: William, George, Alice and Caroline. William was a Butcher, George a Groom, and both daughters were at school.

In 1884 they lived at 1 The Passage, Holyrood Street, Newport, in 1886 at 4 Westminster Place, Newport, in 1888 in Worsley Road, Hunnyhill, Newport, in 1889 at Meltan Terrace, Newport, in 1890 at 18 Lugley Street, Newport, and in 1892 they lived at 19 Lugley Street, Newport.

In 1901 they lived at 9 West Street, Newport. Henry was a General Labourer, and apparently still able to work*, and Henry, Emma, James, Kate and Minnie were still living at home.

Elizabeth was known as 'Little Granny". She lived in the Alms Houses in South Street in Newport in 1930's. My Mums cousin remembers her in a rocking chair before an open fire, and being a very tiny lady.

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