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William & Annie


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They had the following children:

i. Maria Anne ARNOLD was christened in 1875 at Godshill. Maria married Charles GIBBS in 1898 in Ventnor.

ii. William Richard ARNOLD was born in 1878 at Appuldurcombe. He was buried in 1933 in Ventnor.

iii. Miranda L 'Wren' ARNOLD** was born in 1880 at Appuldurcombe. Miranda married George H CULLEN in 1910 in Godshill.

iv. Arthur James ARNOLD was born in 1881 at Appuldurcombe. He died in 1937 in Ventnor. Arthur married Catherine Mary SULLIVAN daughter of Dennis SULLIVAN and Mary HURLEY* in 1903 at Godshill. The witnesses were Ernest GRANT, Elizabeth Emily ARNOLD and Nellie HALL. Catherine was born in 1877 at St Marylebone. She died in 1932 in Ventnor.

v. Elizabeth Emily 'Liz' ARNOLD*** was probably born in 1883/4 at Appuldurcombe. Elizabeth married Ernest G GRANT son of George GRANT and Annie . . . . . . . in 1904 in Ventnor. In 1881 George and Annie GRANT were living at Lowther Road, Ventnor. George was a Marine Store Dealer, and son Ernest was 8 months old, born Ventnor.

vi. Charles Meader ARNOLD was born in 1886 at Wroxall. He was buried in 1960 in Ventnor. Charles possibly married Georgina E HALL in 1904 in Ventnor.

vii. Beatrice ARNOLD was born in 1892 in Wroxall.

William ARNOLD was christened in 1848 in Godshill. He was buried in 1922 in Ventnor. William married Annie Elizabeth MEADER daughter of Charles MEADER and Ann Elizabeth COOK in 1871 in Godshill. Annie was of St Helens, but born in 1847 in Bury St Edmunds to a family from Ryde. She died in 1937 in Ventnor.

In 1881 they were living on the Appuldurcombe Estate at Kennel Cottage. Other members of the family, like Williams parents George ARNOLD and Eliza BUTCHER, lived just doors away. William was a Quarry Man, and Annie's brother William MEADER was lodging with them, born in Ryde.

In 1901 William and Annie were living at 1 Downside Cottages, Newport Road, Ventnor, William being a Gas Works Labourer; children William, Charles and Beatrice were still living at home, Charles being a Cab Driver. Grandsons Charles GIBBS and Arthur ARNOLD were staying there at the time, and an Ernest GRANT was a lodger. Also in 1901 William's father George ARNOLD was still living in Appuldurcombe Street, aged 89, of Horringford, with his widowed son George, a Coal Carter, nephew Ernest HAYLES, and visitor Alfred ARNOLD who was in the Royal Navy.

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