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St Edmund's

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Liturgy of the Wrighty

Part One: The Wrighty Dispute


1.      Wrighty has taken over Port St Edmund’s and Goose Gorleston.

2.      Richies are hoping to find a peaceful solution to the dispute of the Religious Act.

3.      Wrighty and the Richies have their own ideas for a peaceful solution.

4.      Neither Ministry of Defence, of either parts, wish to comply with the opposition’s ideas. 



Part Two: The Background


1.      General Galtimay arranged his attack against the Richies. The Religious Act of the Wrighty won in General Galtimay’s eyes.

2.      The Richies are very upset at the attitude of the Wrighty.

3.      A full-scale war is inevitable unless both sides reach agreement.

4.      Many parts of Port St Edmund’s are following the Richies.

5.      The Richies, with the help of Mediator Miss S Arnold have laid down five conditions to the agreement, and they are:

i Both sides should be equally exceptant of the other.

ii Commando Labradory Bolen should agree without any obscene language and name calling.


iii Miss S Arnold shall remain as Mediator should further disputes arise.

iv General Galtimay shall be regarded as a hostile enemy.


6.      All arms shall be thrown down as of 2.20pm today.

7.      One of many parts of Port St Edmund’s supports the Wrighty, which includes the famous argumentative leader, Commando Labradory Bolen. 



Part Three: Conclusion


1.      General Galtimay has arrived at Port St Edmund’s with a peaceful solution, which, though not perfect, can be agreed upon.

2.      Commando Labradory Bolen is not very happy, but is glad to see the fighting at an end.



This is a copy, taken from the original draft, which was made on Friday 9 July 1982.

Explanatory Notes: The Liturgy of the Wrighty 

Influenced by current affairs of the time: the Falklands Conflict, and studying Liturgies in Religious Education with Mr Duckett. In no way poking fun at either - merely profoundly influenced. Reason of conflict being a Drama competition in which the Wrighties’ ‘Religious Act’ won, but was disputed by the Richies. Possibly a case of Mr May being just a little slap dash with his marking! (September 2001)


Wrighty: led by Helen Wright

Port St Edmund’s: St Edmund’s R C Secondary School
Goose Gorleston: Gorleston-on-sea

Richies: led by Patricia Rich
The Religious Act: Drama Competition

Mediator Miss S Arnold: Suzanne Arnold

General Galtimay: Mr May

Commando Labradory Bolen: Maria Labrador

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