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St Edmund's

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Danielle's Diary 1982

Mon 4 Jan

Back to School.

Wed 20 Jan

Spy Club’s 3rd Anniversary.

Tues 9 Mar

St Edmund’s Open Day.

Fri 2 Apr

Argentina invades Falklands.

Mon 5 Apr

BBC’s Newsround 10 years old.

Sat 24 Apr

Eurovision won by Nicole ‘A little Peace’ for Germany.

Sun 25 Apr

British recapture South Georgia.

Thurs 6 May

Group rosery said in the HE room for the Falklands.

Fri 7 May

PR hols to Spain.

Mon 17 May

Postcard from PR.

Thurs 20 May

Mass instead of Art.

Fri 21 May

PR home. British land on Falklands.

Sat 22 May

FA Cup: Tottenham 1 QPR 1.

Wed 26 May

St Mary’s Open Evening. Discovered the Spy Club Chairs chopped down.

Fri 28 May

Pope visits Britain. After RE we went into the hall to watch the Pope. HW, PR, ML and I went out early. ML and I went to play hand-ball with KW and MP. Waited in vain for registration. After French at break time PR read HW’s Diary.

Wed 2 Jun

End of Pope’s Visit. Very hot weather.

Sat 5 Jun

HT’s birthday party.

Mon 7 Jun

HW in Italy. Talks in Versailles.

Thurs 10 Jun

Practising for the ‘Confirm’ thing. ML’s chatter in Art brought me to my senses.

Sun 13 Jun

British troops closing in on Stanley.

Mon 14 Jun

Argentina has surrendered.

Wed 16 Jun

Tomorrow is HW’s birthday and the entire afternoon will be devoted to Sponsors . . . and there still is that practising for the ‘Confirmation Show’.

Thurs 17 Jun

Sponsored School Disco.

Fri 18 Jun

Had our photos taken today by Mr Daniels.

Mon 21 Jun

Princess Diana has a baby boy.

Tues 22 Jun

Went to the Theatre in Great Yarmouth for HW’s birthday to see ‘Cheese & Onion’.

Wed 24 Jun

Preparatory Art Exam.

Fri 25 Jun

HW, ML and I sat on the grass opposite reception. We were singing 'gilygilyosenpepercasanelaburgen-by-the-sea'. After English we played frisby on the playground by Sister Teresa’s room; then played it on the field. It was about then that ML broke her tooth. On the bus going home DA and DE got out this fishing rod and started poking people with it.

Wed 30 Jun

Went on the Norfolk Show trip. Brilliant sunshine.

Fri 2 Jul

Sports Day. Walpole won and I came 3rd in the 400m Junior Girls.

Tues 6 Jul

End of written exams.

Thurs 8 Jul

Mr Daniels showed a ‘film’ in the hall before General Studies.

Drama exam which HW won with her version of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’. Differences of opinion on Mr May’s marking resulted in 'The Liturgy of the Helen Wright' being written whilst I darted from one ‘camp’ to the other. I believe there was a cut off time when all plays had to be finished by. The ‘Richies’ won as the ‘Wrighties’ wasn’t finished by the cut off time. However the ‘Wrighties’ was finished and performed after the cut off time and Mr May changed his mind. The theme to ‘Fame’ is no 4 in the UK charts, a new entry.

Sun 11 Jul

Canberra returns to Southampton.

Thurs 15 Jul

Drama Competition. Rehearsals taking place in the Hall.

Wed 21 Jul

Sister Anne’s leaving Assembly.

Thurs 22 Jul

PR made up with HW and ML again. We were cast outside to watch the cricket and Miss Byrne was playing.

Fri 23 Jul

School broke up for summer.

Wed 15 Sep

‘The Monkees’ have become our name; Peter (PR), Davy (HW), Mike (SA), and Mickey (ML).

Thurs 6 Sep

HW and I sang ‘Hi Fidelity’ on the bus.

Sat 18 Sep

Funeral of Princess Grace.

Mon 20 Sep

Sister Teresa kept KW and I working at last year’s needlework project as we were the only ones who hadn’t finished it.

Tues 21 Sep

PR’s birthday. Grandad died. It rained most of the day. ML, PR and HW and I sat in the Hall at lunch time. Went to PR’s house for her party. Saw a shooting star.

Fri 24 Sep

Mrs Cleevley died today.

Tues 28 Sep

‘Starmaker’ no 38 in the charts.

Thurs 30 Sep

Everything has been turned into turmoil. HW against MF. PR and her plans and shocks with JM. HW messing around with AC. ML returns. ‘The Monkees’ together and getting wrapped up in a confusing mess. HW and PR are dead scared. I’m not, not even of MF; but then I have nothing to do with it other than being a ‘Monkee’. HT wants me to be her friend again.

Mon 4 Oct

Raising of the ‘Mary Rose’.

Fri 15 Oct

Sponsored Walk.

Thurs 11 Nov

Bresnef dies.

Mon 29 Nov

‘Drak Pack’ versus ‘The Monkees’.

Fri 10 Dec

School Disco.

Wed 15 Dec

Prizes announced.

Fri 17 Dec

Break up for Hols.

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