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St Edmund's

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St Mary's (Lowestoft) Page

A Resumé of Staffing at St Mary's ~ 1967 to 1977
by Mrs W. McFaull

Our School opened on Tuesday, 11th April 1967, with 137 children on roll and Sister Gabriel as Head Teacher and Class Teacher for Class 3, Sister Anne teaching Class 5, Sister Mary Berchmans - Class 4, Mrs Brewer Deputy Head and Class Teacher - Class 2, Mrs Dennis - Class 1. Mrs Bannister was Teachers' Assistant, Mrs McFaull, Clerical Assistant, Mr Neary Caretaker, Mrs Morffew Cook in Charge with Mrs Branson in the Kitchen and Mrs McNamee and Mrs Wilson as Meals Supervisors.

As the number of children increased Mrs Whiffen was appointed to Class 3, freeing Sister Gabriel for more administrative work. Mr Calcutt came in for a session each week to help with remedial work; Mr Phillips came to teach Violin and Mr Abel came across from the Convent to teach Recorder playing for a lesson per week. Mr Phillips retired in 1973 and was replaced by Mr Featherston who came into School for a session each week until 1976 when Mr Allen took over violin tuition from him. We are also fortunate to have Miss Clark coming in to teach 'Cello playing and Mr Catchpole wind instruments.

Mrs Whiffen left us early in 1968 for a 'happy event'; Mrs Brewer's husband was ill and she resigned her Deputy Headship and Mr D. W. Carson was appointed Deputy Head Teacher and Class 3 Teacher from the 22nd April 1968. Mrs Brabben helped us with Supply Teaching during Mr Brewer's illness. Mrs Cook joined us on a temporary basis in February 1968 and stayed until she retired in 1975. Mrs Dennis left in August 1968 and Mrs Nenadovic was appointed to Class 1. Mrs Gunby taught here for a year from September 1968 and Mrs Joan Rees was with us for the Summer Term of 1969. Sister Mary Berchmans retired from teaching in August 1969 and Sister Mary Goretti joined the staff. Miss Patsy Stevens was appointed in September 1969 and left to be married in August 1970. Mr C. J. Brooks BSc and Mrs Barker were appointed to the staff in September 1970 and Mrs Tucker joined us at the same time. Sister Ita was appointed to the Staff when Mrs Tucker retired in August 1971.

In 1970 Mrs Bannister left us for the birth of Beatrice and Miss Barbara Smith was appointed Teachers' Assistant for one year until she went to Teacher Training College. Miss Barbara Dale was appointed for the following year until she too left for College and Mrs Jillings has been with us as Teachers' Assistant since January 1973.

Mrs Stephanie Crouch was appointed to the Teaching Staff in September 1973 and left in December 1974 to accompany her husband to Brunei and Mrs Flisher was appointed in January 1975. Mrs Stanley was also appointed in January 1975 as a part-time teacher and stayed until Easter 1976 when she left with her husband and family for Scotland. Mrs Cleevely joined us at Easter 1976.

We are still enjoying Mrs Morffew's cooking and she is now assisted in the kitchen by Mrs Branson, Mrs Drennan, Mrs Self, Mrs Thornton and Mrs New. Mrs McNamee continues to supervise at dinner time and has been joined by Mrs V. Breach, Mrs A. Powley, Mrs F. Pitchers and Mrs J. Wigg.

Mr Neary has 'cared' for us and our School very well over the years, he was helped by Mrs Darvill until she retired recently and he now has the help of Mrs Meen.

Sister Gabriel was anxious to get back to her first love - Class Teaching - and she left us in December 1975 to take a 'Sabbatical' leave prior to "getting down to it". She is now teaching at St. Columba's School in Cupar, Fife with Sister Anne as her Head Mistress.

Mr J. A. Fox BA, was appointed Head Teacher and took up his post on the 1st January 1976, and the Staff and Children were happy to welcome and work with and for him.

*Written by Mrs W. McFaull (former St Mary's School Secretary) ~ taken from the Spring 1977 issue of the St Mary's RC Primary School (Kirkley Cliff, Lowestoft, Suffolk) Magazine.