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St Edmund's

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Mrs Cheshire's Page

Some Memories of St Edmund's School
by Anne Cheshire

I commenced teaching at St Edmund's in September 1969. For two years I taught for one and a half days per week and gradually my days increased to four days per week. In 1980 I became full time. My subject was History.

Sister Teresa also came to the school in September 1969.

I remember the railway line which ran at the eastern end of the school field. It was in use for passengers until closure in 1970. I used to walk across the field as a short cut from where I lived.

In 1965 CSE started with optional O Level.

With the steadily increasing numbers on roll first one, then a second mobile classroom was installed on the field at the rear of the school. Hut 1: History, Hut 2: Geography & Commerce. And they were cold in Winter!

There were many changes of staff during my nineteen years at the school, so these are a few of them if my memory is correct!

The names are, as far as I can remember, in chronological sequence.

Sister Labouré (also taught History)
Mrs Margaret O'Donnell (also taught Physical Eucation)
Sister Nuala
Sister Emma
Miss Alison Brocklebank
Mrs Elaine Bewley
Mrs Christine Holland

Woodwork & Metalwork
Mr Mike Thurgood
Mr Mike Parsons
Mr Kevin Rutland

Mr John Daniels
Sister Anne
Mr Terry Cunane

Mr John Daniels

Mrs Maureen Duckett

Mr Devany
Miss Mary Byrne
Mrs Claire Hadley

Physical Education~Boys
Mr Tom Clifford
Mr Geoff May

Physical Education~Girls
Mrs Dianne ?
Mrs Mo Lewis
Mrs Margaret O'Donnell
Mrs Elizabeth Field

Miss Margaret Higgs
Miss Monica Spooner
Mr Terry Cunane

Mr Geoff May

Geography & Commerce
Mrs Helen Selvage

Home Economics
Sister Laurie
Sister Teresa
Miss Beverley Wright

Miss Alison Brocklebank
Mrs Mo Lewis
Mr Tony Musker

Sister Labouré
Mr Tom Clifford
Mrs Anne Cheshire

There were other teachers who came for supply work when permanent members of staff were on courses.

In 1972 the school leaving age was raised to sixteen and St Edmund's therefore had a fifth year for the first time. Numbers in general had risen and now each year was divided into two classes.

As a result the library was divided into two and with the study room off the library three additonal classrooms were available. Eventually in the 1980s numbers topped two hundred and fifty.

Charity work was always encouraged and one year a successful Christmas party was held for old age pensioners in the area. In 1984 the fourth year raised by sponsorship £400 towards a CT Scanner at the James Paget Hospital.

In 1980 the fourth and fifth years were divided into four classes - and boys and girls separated. In 1980 I organised a new prefect rota and I have group photographs of the prefects for each year from 1980 until 1988.

In 1983 Sister Teresa (formerly Sister Immaculate) moved to a large comprehensive in Telford, Shropshire, and Sister Laurie (formerly Consuelo) returned for her final three years in teaching.

After Sister Labouré's retirement Sister Teresa took charge of the girls, Mr Joe Ducket became Deputy Head and he was later followed by Mr Vic Kinsella. When Mr Devany retired in 1986 Mr. Kinsella became Headmaster and Mr May Deputy Head. Sister Anne (formerly Sister Mary Eudes), former Principal of St Louis High School in Great Yarmouth joined the staff part time to teach Mathematics.

After Sister Laurie moved to Newmarket in 1986 Mrs Brigid Marland was placed in charge of first to third year girls and I took charge of fourth and fifth year girls.

In 1987 Mrs Marland and her family emigrated to Australia. I visited her in the 1990s and she now lives in the Brisbane area.

The reunion organised by Helen and Pat was a wonderful occasion and was thoroughly enjoyed by those staff who were able to be present.

*Contributed by Anne Cheshire (former History Teacher) May 2006 ~ with many thanks!