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St Edmund's

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'Treasure Island' Production

St Edmund's R C School presents
(by arrangement with Josef Weinberger Ltd)
T R E A S U R E   I S L A N D
A Musical Adventure in Two Acts
Book: Bernard Miles & Josephine Wilson
Lyrics: Hal Shaper
Music: Cyril Ornadel
Producer: Christine Yong
Musical Director: Terry Cunnane


Long John Silver: Daniela Darvini
Jim Hawkins: Rebecca Nudd
Squire Trelawney: Judith Algar
Dr Livesey: Claire O'Kane
Captain Smollett: Joanna Crippa
Ben Gunn: Susan Stolworthy
Blind Pew: Patrick Winn
Morgan: Deborah Ashford
Black Dog: Stephanie Hughes
Billy Bones: Janette Spandler
Merry: Lynn Skipper
Hands: Lorraine Smith
Dick: Rachael Spandler
O'Brien: Lynda Beales
Harry: John Chipperfield
Anderson: Jayne Walsh
Gray: Zoe McCurdy
Tom Redruth: Susanne Navarro
Allen: Cecilia Ford
Tom: Stephen Dye

S Y N O P S I S   O F   S C E N E S
Act I
Scene 1 ~ Prologue: into the Admiral Benbow Inn
Scene 2 ~ the Quayside at Bristol into the Spyglass Inn
Scene 3 ~ at sea aboard the Hispaniola into Squire Trelawney's Cabin
Scene 4 ~ the smallboats departure for Treasure Island
Act II
Scene 1 ~ aboard the Hispaniola into the arrival at the Stockade
Scene 2 ~ aboard the Hispaniola
Scene 3 ~ the Stockade
Scene 4 ~ another part of the island into the Treasure Hunt and Finale

Michelle Buckmaster
Paula Buckmaster
Hailey Childs
Tina Czykieta
Soulla Daniels
Sarah Greengrass
Nicola Hammell
Sara Hill
Toni Mansi
Amanda Miller
Paula Moore
Kerry Porter
Kate Robinson
Dawn Vincent
Carrie-Ann Winn

T H E   O R C H E S T R A
Piano: Mary Byrne
Clarinet: Fenella Hales
Flute: Rachel Rudd
Horn: Derek Mill
Bass: Michael Ellwood
Percussion: Neil Kane

B E H I N D   T H E   S C E N E S
Stage Manager: Matthew Crisp
Assistant Stage Manager: Sarah Creamer
Assistant Producer: Claire Shandley
Technical Adviser: Geoffrey May
Lighting: Peter Stone & William Jones & Stephen Hickey
Prompter: Paula Thomas
Props: Maureen Duckett & Tony Musker
Wardrobe: Anne Cheshire
Make-up: Marianne Delatte & Karen Tabbitt
Programme & Box Office: Pamela Fowler

Thanks are extended to all staff, pupils, parents, and friends of the school who helped in any way with this production.

*Reproduced from the original programme. Anecdotes, photos and newspaper reviews are welcome from this and any other St Edmund's Production. Please email us.