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Welcome  . . .

My tree is rooted amongst the downs that enclose Ventnor on the Isle of Wight; as both sets of my grandparents met, married, and lived in Ventnor ... or more specifically 'Up Shute' ...

When I first started looking at my family tree, around 1977 to 1980, I had no idea that I would be able to get to this point, census returns looked like scary things, and finding photos of ALL my great-grandparents, well, you must be joking! Yet, here I am, madly dashing off on weird and wonderful tangents.
I have set up this website with an aim to archive and share research concerning my ancestors, and so preserving it for future generations. I use this website to jot down things that I get excited about, to explore patterns and jigsaws in my research ... and so it is in a constant state of evolution.

2 MAY 2004 - Website Activated!
What's New?
APR 2010
+ Website Reduction
+ Website Re-organisation



*A special thanks goes out to all those, and many more, who have helped me along the way, some of whom are no longer with us:
Doreen Westmore, Albert Westmore, Florence Creese, David Quaid, Reginald E H King, Katherine Bardwell, Raymond Arnold, Douglas Arnold, Valerie Arnold, Terry Westmore, Brian Greenham, Eve Westmore, Joyce Westmore, Pauline Chiverton, Kathleen Winslow, Sharron Gibb, Rod Hicks, Peter King, Tony Grigg, Richard J Westmore, David Collyer, Jon Baker, Peter Walker, Fay Hewitt Brown, Graham & Thelma Westmore, Martin Cosh, Granville Davies, Pelham McMahon, Michael Faraday, Allan Price, Bob Ryan . . . and Mr Carson for setting it as homework back in 1980!
*For further information please email: woody DOT mw AT btinternet DOT com
*Old DELETED website:

*NB: Whilst every care has been taken with the accuracy of information on this website, in genealogy it is notoriously easy to trundle off down the wrong path. Always check primary sources. I try very hard to acknowledge all my sources, particularly so that those interested can go back to that source. If I have ommitted, or over enthusiatically quoted where I should not have, I apologise. Please advise me so that I can rectify any problems.