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Family Travels

Family Travels
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The more you research your family history the more towns you come across. In the early days they are familliar places, but the further back you go there tend to be ones that you've never heard of before. A very big thanks to 'Multimap' for helping me find these strange far off places, like West Buckland, which may be linked with my ancestors!
The first map indicates the main British and Irish towns present in the lives of my ancestors over the last three hundred years, and where each family moved to. Everyone seems to be heading for London, and then Ventnor, but in a very roundabout way!

The second map is an exploded view of my ancestors 'arrivals and departures' from London.

With the third map I have done a closer examination of the Isle of Wight
- the heart of my family tree - to show how everyone ended up in Ventnor!

Finally, my fourth map plots family movements by colour coding the place where I believe each of my ancestors were born/baptised. Further back we can surmise that the families continued to live in the same area - but doubtless the reality is slightly different!
The overall effect is that I can see at a glance that I am far more Irish than I thought I was!