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Harold's War

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Harold's War


The following is what I know of my maternal grandfather Harold Westmore's service in the Army during World War II . . .

4 Jun 1942 - Enlisted at Gloucester after call-up
27 Jun 1942 - London
20 Jul 1942 - Gloucester
22 Dec 1942 - Maritime Battery Training School
15 Mar 1943 - 26th Mar 1943 - Gunnery instruction course on HMS President
30 Apr 1943 - Shoeburyness
6 Nov 1943 - Trained as a No 6 as part of the Light AA Det
10 Nov 1943 - Maritime det
14 Feb 1944 - Trained as a mobile Light AA of Gun Primary role No 6
1944 - Brugge & Brussels
1944 - Holland
20 Sep 1944 - France
6 Jul 1945 - Brussels
Aug 1945 - DP Camp in the Rheine, Germany
Oct 1945 - Postcard addressed to D Troop, 120 Regt RA, 394 Bttry LAA, BAOR
9 Nov 1945 - Release as a Soldier to Class W (T) agreed by Major RA Comdg C Bty (LAA) RA
2 Dec 1945 - Release commenced from Woolwich
13 Apr 1952 - 27 Apr 1952 - Reservist requisition for re-training at Stiffkey in Norfolk

from 'Soldier's Service and Pay Book', backs of photographs & postcards

Whilst going through Grandad's 'Soldier's Service and Pay Book', I found a little pocket, and inside the pocket I found this newspaper cutting:

"Pretty Wedding at St Wilfrid's - On Saturday afternoon the wedding was solemnized at St Wilfrid's (R C) Church, of Mr Harold Westmore, youngest son of the late Mr and Mrs Westmore, of 39 Lowtherville Road, Upper Ventnor, and Miss Doreen Margaret King, third daughter of Mrs King, of Geneva, High Street, Ventnor. The Rev A G McDonald officiated. The bride was given away by her brother, Mr Reginald King, wore a white satin ankle-length gown with silver headdress and tulle veil, and silver shoes. Her shower bouquet was of red roses. She was attended by one bridesmaid, Miss Kathleen King (sister of the bride), who was in a dress of scarlet silk, with gold juliet cap, gold sandals, and mittens, and carried a shower bouquet of gold chrysanthemums. Mr George Parsons was the best man. The reception was held at the home of the bride's mother. Mr and Mrs Westmore were the recipients of about 40 useful and hansome presents."

from The Isle of Wight Mercury: Dec 1939